Benefits of Using Field Engineer

We live in a world where every part is connected to the other using billions of devices that are supported by hundreds of millions of wired data connections. The advancement in technology has produced various remarkably fast, small, and affordable devices that have reinvented not just the way things are done but also where they are done and when. Both individuals and businesses are equally dependent on technology. However, the issue arises when it becomes difficult to support and manage new smart environments, powerhouses, IoT and multiple data streams. Hence, businesses need talented engineers to do the job. This is where a field engineer comes in.

Finding and hiring a field engineer can be an extremely complicated, expensive, and notoriously long process, which is why you want someone to help you with the procedure. Field Engineer is an innovative digital marketplace that hires talented engineers on demand.

Benefits to Engineers

Finding work to meet your schedule has not been easier as it is with Field Engineer. You can log in and view work orders as well as respond to the automated system alerts when there is a work order near your area. The engineer has the option to accept the project or counter with the schedule and terms they find convenient. With Field Engineer's platform, you have total control of your workflow.

Moreover, you do not need to give up your existing career in the corporate or telecom networking industry. The contracts on the website are project-based, which means you are allowed to turn dead time into paid time and fit the contracts around your busy schedule. Field Engineer has created a rich library of online resources that will help engineers stay up to date on the latest developments in the industry. Also, they can complete the courses and earn badges for their profile to showcase their experience and knowledge in the industry.

Every project completed by the Field Engineer includes the opportunity for employers and contractors to leave feedback. The engineer's profile displays their record of previous projects that helps them get additional work based on their skills.

Waiting for payday is something nobody likes, which is why Field Engineer's cloud-based platform makes sure that you receive project funds even before starting the project. As soon as the contractor and client agree that the work has been completed, full payment is given to the contractor.

As a field engineer, you are aware of the importance of a strong communication infrastructure in supporting the local community. By being part of the Field Engineer team, you can help save businesses in your community and your profession will make a meaningful impact on the society. For instance, you can get them connected to the cloud instead of slow LAN.

Benefits to the Business Owners

This year, about 239 million people and organizations have gained access to the internet. Enterprises require the flexibility of a robust IT deployment to stay competitive in this ever-growing market. Hence, the telecom industry is rapidly expanding to meet demands both abroad and domestically. You can scale your company's workforce with the talent available on the Field Engineer's platform, as it is a cost-effective and fast solution. You can quickly find experienced and local contractors to complete your projects.

One of the things that heavily impact the total cost of telecom and IT projects is the skilled labor needed for upgrades, installation, and maintenance. Also, full-time benefits like pension funds, health insurance, paid time-off, and unemployment insurance add to the thirty percent of your company's labor costs. Field Engineer's platform has made the benefits of lower overheads and transparent reliability accessible to the enterprise and broader telecom market.

When a system goes down or a client orders a customized solution, hiring an outside contracting firm to install and make repairs can be both costly and time-consuming. With the Field Engineer's hiring platform, you can easily find a qualified contractor. Also, negotiating terms and managing the project has become a lot convenient for the entire team. Businesses can list their projects, review qualified candidates, and offer them a job without hiring a recruiting firm or purchasing expensive ads.

All the projects that are completed through the Field Engineer system allow both employers and contractors to write their reviews. When hiring an engineer, business owners can read these reviews to make sure they are getting a great candidate based on transparent work history. The site's pool of on-demand engineers is always ready to take on any project, whether it is a multimillion-dollar infrastructure expansion or a simple network upgrade at the office.

The field engineer who has created their profile on the website and is seeking work has passed rigorous background checks and completed several certification projects. They have on-field experience with the most advanced infrastructure technologies. The on-demand workforce here includes cable technicians, surveyors, fiber optic technicians, cut-over/splicer technicians, test technicians and various other specialized engineers to complete your projects on time at a decent cost.

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